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Curious about the Hilo registration process?

February 21, 2022  3 minutes reading

Want to get started with the Hilo experience so you can save energy and receive rewards? Great! You might be wondering what you need to do to get Hilo’s smart solution for heating. It’s quite simple—here are the main steps.

Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. Choose your smart devices

The starter kit, containing components that are essential for the Hilo experience, includes the Hilo hub and two smart plug-in switches. Next you select the number of smart thermostats you’ll need.

You can also choose some complementary connected devices, among the following.

  • Smart in-wall switches
  • In-wall smart dimmers
  • Additional smart plug-in switches

Already own a home charger for your vehicle? Maximize your rewards by also getting our solution for recharging electric vehicles.

2. Schedule your installation 

When you submit your order, you’ll be asked to choose a date for the installation (included with your purchase). A certified electrician will arrive to install the thermostats and other devices for your Hilo smart home and show you how to use them to maximize their advantages.

3. Control your devices with the Hilo app 

With our intuitive mobile application, you can easily manage your smart home, even when you’re not there. Use it to program your lighting and thermostats to save time and make your indoor environment more comfortable, view your energy consumption on a daily or weekly basis, and more...

4. Earn rewards

In winter, Hilo asks you to participate in up to 30 challenges to reduce your energy consumption. If you succeed, you’ll earn cash rewards. Hilo will send you the total amount you’ve earned at the end of the challenge season.

Calculate your potential savings

Hilo earns you money in two ways: by helping you lower your electricity bill and by offering cash rewards for successfully completing Hilo challenges. Learn more about how much your smart home lets you save.