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Why make a 3-year commitment to Hilo?

May 12, 2023  4 minutes reading

Joining Hilo means earning cash rewards for every challenge you meet successfully. During the 2022-2023 season, our customers achieved an average success rate of 96%! They also agreed to complete up to 30 challenges per winter, for three years. But why are we asking for a three-year commitment? And what happens if you end the agreement early?

For the environment

Hilo wants you to stay with this project for as long as possible so that it can have a real impact on the collective consumption of electricity in Quebec. The more kilowatt hours that are freed up, the more energy is available to propel the energy transition! For example, in the winter of 2022-2023, each home participating in our challenges managed to shift an average of 250 kWh over the season. By pooling our efforts for several years, we’re promoting the use of clean, local energy, without wasting it.

For affordable equipment

In return for this three-year involvement, Hilo offers devices at very low prices. For example, a smart thermostat costs approximately $115 on the market, but Hilo is offering it for $39.99. You can also combine our heating solution with our electric vehicle charging solution plus a host of complementary connected devices, making it even more worthwhile! Installation of your thermostats by a certified electrician is also included, with no hidden fees or monthly charges . . . it’s not a subscription, it’s a commitment.

What if you leave Hilo before the end date?

Once you join Hilo, the time frame for amortizing the cost of the equipment is three years. So if you terminate the agreement early, you’ll have to pay back the difference between the actual value of the equipment and what you paid for it. This is called a credit balance. We divide the credit balance by 36; if you terminate your contract, you’ll have to pay a balance equivalent to the number of months remaining in the agreement. Of course, if you meet the commitment and stay with Hilo for those three years, you won’t be charged anything. And if you’re moving: notify us at least 30 days prior to your scheduled move date, and we’ll offer some options to keep the agreement intact, such as a transfer.

In short, Hilo is an ultra-competitive option. Signing up for three years means benefiting from affordable devices and cash rewards for each challenge season (an average of $140 in 2022-2023). It also means saving on your electricity bill. And you’ll feel proud about participating in a collective mission of great importance for future generations, simply by optimizing your energy consumption. It’s a win-win for you and for Quebec!

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