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What is a credit balance?

It’s the difference between what you pay to acquire your Hilo devices and their actual value. By defraying the actual cost of the products, Hilo can offer you connected devices at a competitive price.

For example, a smart thermostat retails for around $115, but Hilo offers its device for $39.99. Note that the credit balance only applies to devices (thermostats and the hub, before taxes) and not to the installation, because that is free of charge!

The difference between the purchase price and the actual price is amortized over 36 months, the duration of your agreement, meaning the balance is reduced by equal amounts with each passing month. However, if you cancel your agreement before the end date, you must repay the difference between what you paid to acquire your Hilo devices and their actual value, based on the number of months remaining on the agreement: This is what we refer to as the credit balance. Obviously, if you abide by your three-year commitment to Hilo, you will never have to pay the credit balance.

Before submitting your order, you can see the credit balance in your shopping cart. Once you become a customer, you can receive your credit balance by contacting Hilo’s customer service department.


Jean-Pierre buys 8 thermostats + the Starter Kit.

  • His order costs $369.91 before taxes.
  • His credit balance will be $699.99 and will be equally divided over 36 months.
  • Every month, Jean-Pierre’s credit balance will be automatically reduced by $19.44 ($699.99/36).
  • At the end of the 36 months, his credit balance will be $0.00.

Note: Jean-Pierre will only have to repay his credit balance if he cancels his three-year agreement with Hilo.