Are you eligible for Hilo?

To register for Hilo’s smart home service, certain selection criteria apply:

1. Your type of dwelling  
2. Your type of heating  
3. Number of thermostats  
4. City of residence 
5. Your Hydro-Québec account 
6. Your Hydro-Québec meter 

1. Your type of dwelling 

For the moment, only single-family detached homes, townhouses and apartment buildings with four units or less are eligible for the service. 
Apartments in buildings with five or more units are not yet eligible because communication with the Hydro-Québec meter – essential for calculating your electricity usage and thus your rewards – is generally more complicated. 
In addition, these types of dwellings benefit from the heating of neighbouring units. If you reduce your own consumption but cause your neighbours usage to increase, the impact will be minimal. Hilo is, after all, a collective project aimed at lowering general energy consumption! 

2. Your type of heating 

Hilo thermostats are wall thermostats for electric baseboards and electric convectors, with or without ventilation.  
For the moment, Hilo’s ecosystem doesn’t include heated floors, heat pumps, central heating systems, air conditioners or other systems. The Hilo service will eventually expand. 
Since Hilo’s mission is to significantly reduce energy consumption in Quebec, we’re installing the service in dwellings that have 50% or more baseboard or convector heating.

3. Number of thermostats 

To be able to benefit from Hilo’s service, your home must have a minimum of three thermostats. Additionally, all your thermostats must be replaced by Hilo thermostats.  
Have fewer than three thermostats? Call us at 438-289-4456 (HILO) or 1-844-500-4456. An agent will ask you a few questions to determine your eligibility. 

4. City of residence 

For the moment, Hilo’s smart home service is available in the regions of Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Gatineau, but we will be progressively expanding our service to new cities.  
The first eligible cities were chosen based on their proximity to our logistics centres (including our warehouses) and to maximize the reduction of energy consumption in high-population areas. Also, installation is carried out by certified electricians and therefore cannot be conducted in every region. 

5. Your Hydro-Québec account 

To be eligible for the Hilo service, you must be billed at Hydro-Québec’s Rate D (or standard rate). 
The other rate types, which, like Hilo, offer an incentive to save kilowatt hours, are not compatible with our solution. Unfortunately, we cannot reward a customer twice for the same kWh saved.  
However, if you wish to switch to Hilo, you can change to Hydro-Québec’s Rate D (standard rate) before signing up with us, as long as your consumption profile allows it.

6. Your Hydro-Québec meter 

There are different versions of Hydro-Québec meters. Some are not compatible with Hilo’s smart home solution. That might be the case with your meter. To find out, fill in the information form, including the number of your latest bill, your contract number and your customer number. 


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