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Do the Small, Medium and Large Home bundles still exist?


Here’s what’s included in the new offer:

  • A starter kit including one Hilo hub and two smart plug-in switches. This starter kit is required to become a Hilo customer. Customers only need to purchase it once and it can be used for all Hilo solutions, particularly for the smart solution for heating and the smart solution for electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Hilo smart thermostats are sold separately.
  • Complementary smart devices are sold separately (such as switches, dimmers, in-wall switches, bulbs, a weather station and smoke detector).

Advantages of this new approach:

  • It facilitates the introduction of new Hilo solutions (a single starter kit for each customer that can be shared by all Hilo solutions)
  • It’s simpler and more flexible
  • It enables customers to obtain only those devices they really need—no more, no less