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What is the maximum number of devices?

There is a limit to the number of some devices that can be paired with the Hilo Hub, regardless of whether they are purchased from Hilo. This explains why you can only add a certain number of these devices to your shopping cart, including those that are offered as a bonus with your package and those that you decide to add on your own.

For example, a maximum of 10 dimmers can be paired with your hub. If you select eight dimmers as part of your Large Home package, your order will automatically be limited to two additional dimmers so that you don’t exceed the limit.

The following table lists the maximum number of devices that can be added to your shopping cart:

  Device Limit
  Thermostat 20
  In-wall switch 25
  Plug-in smart switch
  In-wall smart dimmer 10
  Colour smart bulb 10
  White smart bulb
  Add-on switch (3 way +)     Unlimited  
  Netatmo weather station     Unlimited  
  Smoke detector   Unlimited