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How can I verify whether I'm eligible for Hilo?

You must fulfill the following five criteria to participate in the Hilo experience:

  1. be the holder of a residential Hydro-Québec account for Rate D (basic) service, without the Winter Credit Option, such as the owner or renter of a dwelling. Customers subscribed to the Flex D rate can change their rate through their Customer Space. For customers subscribed to the Winter Credit option, Hilo will handle the cancellation of this option after their connected devices have been installed;
  2. have a Hydro-Québec smart meter;
  3. have high-speed Internet service with a minimum speed of 5 MB/s, a wireless network in your home and a free and functional Ethernet port on your modem or router;
  4. own a smartphone on which you can download and use the Hilo application;
  5. live in a city in which the smart solution for heating is offered
  6. Be compatible with Hilo thermostats or our solution for electric mobility

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