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How can I verify whether I'm eligible for Hilo?

You must fulfill the following five criteria to participate in the Hilo experience:

  1. be the holder of a residential Hydro-Québec account for Rate D (basic) service, without the Winter Credit Option, such as the owner or renter of a dwelling (customers subscribed to the Winter Credit or Flex D rate can change their rate through their Customer Space);
  2. have a Hydro-Québec smart meter;
  3. have high-speed Internet service with a minimum speed of 5 MB/s, a wireless network in your home and a free and functional Ethernet port on your modem or router;
  4. own a smartphone on which you can download and use the Hilo application;
  5. live in a city in which the smart solution for heating is offered (check here to see which cities are eligible).