Due to high demand, our installation times are 5-8 weeks



What is the timeline for installation?

Given the recent surge in demand, please note that our installation time frames are longer than usual. An agent will call you within 20 working days following your order to set up an installation appointment. These appointments will be scheduled within 10 to 20 working days after the date of this call. If you have any questions or if you have not received a call from our agent within 15 working days after your order, please call customer service at 438-289-4456 or, toll-free, at 1-844-500-4456.

Note: The installation appointment may last between 3 and 8 hours, depending on your selected smart home bundle. Please plan to be available to help our installer.

What devices are compatible with the Hilo app?

To access the Hilo solution, you absolutely must have Hilo thermostats. Otherwise, any connected devices (switches, wall outlets, bulbs, etc.) that operate using the ZigBee protocol will be compatible with our solution and can be among the devices controlled through our application. That said, note that these devices will be excluded from Hilo challenges and will not be covered by our customer service guarantees.

Are there any additional fees after purchase?

No! There are no extra monthly charges or additional fees. You pay for your devices when you sign up, and that's it!

What is a Hilo challenge?

Hilo challenges occur during peak consumption periods between December 1 and March 31 at a rate of up to 30 times per winter period. For the challenges, Hilo invites participants to lower the set temperature of their thermostats. The way challenges work is simple: If you participate automatically in all the Hilo challenges, there are no adjustments you need to make—we’ll send you a notification about the challenge the preceding day and that’s it! All that’s left is for you to limit your energy consumption during the challenge so you can earn the maximum cash reward. For more information about challenges, please see: here

How do I earn rewards?

Hilo challenges pay! During the cold weather season, we offer up to 30 energy reduction challenges. If you succeed, you’ll earn a cash reward. The reward calculation is simple: Accept the automatic actions suggested by Hilo and earn a reward for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy you do not consume. So the less energy you consume, the more you earn. For more information on how the calculation is made, visit: here

What does signing up for Hilo involve?

Signing up for Hilo means accepting to participate in and succeed at your reduction challenges for 3 winters. Signing up also allows you to:

  • benefit from a smart home bundle at a low price, in addition to connected devices offered as a bonus, which you own starting on day 1 of your commitment
  • control all of your connected devices at the touch of a button using our mobile application
  • learn about your home’s energy consumption depending on the time of day and day of the week
  • receive cash rewards for participating in our challenges (where you can earn an average of $124 per year)
  • save up to 15% on your electricity bill
What is the return on my investment?

Year after year, you will continue to save energy and earn cash rewards. This means that after one or two years, depending on the size of your bundle, your equipment will be paid for and you’ll continue to earn savings and rewards.

For example, if you have a Medium Home bundle for a detached house, we estimate the average potential reward to be $126 per year. $126 multiplied by 3 years (which is the length of your commitment) equals $378. This doesn’t include your annual savings on your electricity bill, which can be as high as 15%. With all this in mind and given that the price of our Medium Home bundle is $340, a return on your initial investment can be expected before the end of your 3-year agreement!

Estimate the annual amount of your energy savings and potential Hilo rewards here: here

How can I verify whether I'm eligible for Hilo?

Before we can look into your eligibility, you must meet four basic criteria to join the Hilo adventure.

  • You have a Hydro-Québec account in your name.
  • You have a high-speed Internet service, a Wi-Fi network at home and a free and working Ethernet port on your modem.
  • You have a smartphone.
  • Your heating system is primarily electric with baseboards and thermostats.

You can also check to see whether your region is covered here.

Is Hilo compatible with the Apple HomeKit and Google Nest ecosystems?

At this time, the Hilo solution is not compatible with either Apple HomeKit or Google Nest smart devices. However, we do hope to offer this compatibility in the future. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed as our solution evolves. Note that Hilo is compatible with the Google and Alexa voice assistants.

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